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$110,000 – Lumbar Radiofrequency Ablation (2023)

This case involved a 34-year-old Client whose car was rear-ended in Boca Raton, Palm Beach County, Florida. The Client primarily had post-accident lower back pain with radicular symptoms. He did not go to the hospital. Instead, he went to a local chiropractor. Unfortunately, therapy did not materially change his condition and MRI of the lumbar spine was positive for disc herniations with nerve root impingement. As such, he sought treatment with a pain management specialist where he had epidural steroid injections, SI joint steroid/anesthetic injections, medial branch nerve block injections and lumbar radiofrequency ablation. The at fault insurer, State Farm, had a minimal BI policy with limits of $10,000. GEICO Insurance had a underinsured motorist policy of $100,000. On demand, both carriers promptly tendered their limits resulting in a gross settlement of $110,000.00.


$200,000 – Key West Bicycle Accident (2023)

This case involved a Client who was struck by a car on his bike in Key West, Monroe County, Florida causing him to hit his handlebars and roll over them. He had severe injuries including but not limited to blunt trauma, closed head injury, rib fracture, chest wall contusion, solid organ injury, hollow viscus injury, etc. The Datny Law Firm was able to secure a $200,000 settlement.

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$100,000 – Orlando Hit & Run Car Accident | Non-Surgical Shoulder Tear (2023)

The Datny Law Firm obtained a $100,000.00 policy limits settlement from State Farm Insurance for an 87-year-old Client who sustained a non-surgical shoulder tear following a hit and run car accident in Orlando, Florida. While the Client was recommended for shoulder surgery, which he wanted to have, due to his age and other comorbidities he was unable to obtain clearance to proceed. The at fault insurer made an initial offer of $10,000.00 based on failure to have the surgery, modest conservative care, and minimal out of pockets. We immediately rejected the offer and pushed to get our Client the maximum settlement available.

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$100,000 – Lumbar Radiofrequency Ablation (2023)

This case involved a Client who was injured in a rear-end accident in Davie, Broward County, Florida. The Client had pain to her neck/back and MRI scans confirmed disc injuries including several herniations. When therapy failed to abate her symptoms, the Client underwent an extensive course of interventional treatment including epidural steroid injections, medial branch nerve block injections followed by lumbar radiofrequency ablation at L2, L3, L4, L5. GEICO Insurance, the at fault insurer, tendered its full BI limits of $100,000 on demand by The Datny Law Firm.


$120,000 – Cervical/Lumbar Radiofrequency Ablation (2023)

This case involved a rear-end accident caused by a commercial pickup truck in Deerfield Beach, Broward County, Florida. The resulting property damage was minimal, but the Client had severe pain to his neck and back post-accident. When conservative therapy failed, he underwent lumbar radio frequency ablation followed by cervical radio frequency ablation. Thereafter, demand was served to settle the case pre-suit, but the carrier was incredibly hostile to the claim. As such, we filed a lawsuit and ultimately resolved the matter for $120,000.00.


$1,100,000.00 – Broward County Truck Accident (2022)

This case involved a negligent truck driver in Fort Lauderdale that made an illegal turn into our Client’s vehicle resulting in extensive property damage and life altering bodily injuries. The Client sustained, in substance, a shoulder tear with surgical repair and lumbar disc injury that required a two-level discectomy/fusion surgery with the insertion of metal hardware to stabilize the spine. The Datny Law Firm secured a full policy limits tender of $1,000,000.00 for the Client’s damages to person and property. We also secured a $100,000.00 tender from the underinsured motorist carrier.

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$325,000 – Wellington Car Accident 

This case involved a negligent driver who failed to secure a trailer to his/her pickup truck causing it to detach and hit head on our Client who was travelling in the opposite direction. The Client sustained a traumatic wrist injury and fracture requiring emergency surgery with insertion of metal hardware. A second wrist surgery was ultimately performed. The Datny Law Firm in Wellington secured a policy limits tender from the at fault insurance company (Allstate), $25,000.00, along with a policy limits tender from the underinsured motorist carrier, $300,000.00 (USAA). 

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$287,000– Fort Lauderdale Car v. Tow Truck Accident (2022)

A commercial tow truck trailing another vehicle in Fort Lauderdale, Florida was travelling too close to forward traffic and rear-ended a vehicle containing a driver and passenger represented by The Datny Law Firm. The resultant property damage repair costs were modest, but the Clients still sustained serious injuries to the neck and back that failed conservative care resulting in a round of injections for one and a round of injections plus an ablation for the other. Despite significant hostility from the adverse insurance carrier on causation, Attorney Datny negotiated a global settlement of $287,000.00.


$225,000 – Boca Raton Car Accident 

This case involved a careless driver who lost control of his/her vehicle on Entrance Ramp to The Florida Turnpike at Glades Road in Boca Raton causing it to jump a median dividing traffic hitting the Client head on. The Client sustained a traumatic brain injury (TBI) and cervical disc injury, which was recommended for surgical intervention (anterior cervical discectomy and fusion). The at fault insurer tendered its $50,000.00 bodily injury policy and Attorney Datny negotiated an additional settlement of $175,000.00 at mediation with the underinsured motorist carrier.

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$150,000– Miami-Dade County T-Bone Car Crash (2022)

A reckless Miami Driver in Opa-Locka was operating his vehicle at an excessive rate of speed without maintaining a proper lookout thereby failing to see a red traffic signal and t-boning our Client that was lawfully within the intersection with the right of way. Following the crash, our Client sustained cervical spine injuries including disc herniations as well as a left shoulder tear that required arthroscopic surgery. The at fault insurer tendered its policy limits of $100,000.00 on demand. However, as a condition of settlement, The Datny Law Firm required an Affidavit from the tortfeasor of no other insurance, course/scope and financial assets. In response, we uncovered a previously unknown and undisclosed insurance policy with a second insurance company that had additional BI limits for the involved vehicle. After attempts by the second insurance company to deny coverage, which we successfully challenged, we obtained an additional $50,000.00 settlement for our Client. 


$165,000 – Falling Object Accident 

This accident took place at a Lake Worth, Florida fast-food restaurant. A heavy wood panel at the register came free and fell onto the Client’s foot. Subsequent investigation by our office revealed this was a recurring condition that was negligently repaired prior to the incident. The Client sustained a foot fracture with ligament tear among other injuries. The blunt force trauma also caused a blood clot that had to be surgically addressed. The Datny Law Firm aggressively prosecuted the claim and reached a settlement of $165,000.00. 

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$152,500 – Broward County Trip And Fall Accident 

This case involved a negligently constructed pathway in North Lauderdale, Florida that was not uniform, level or to code resulting in a misstep that caused our Client to fall and injure his/her shoulder (tear), knee (tear), neck and back. The Client had pain management injections and was recommended for surgery to his/her knee and shoulder. After initially denying the claim, The Datny Law Firm was able to get the insurer for the premises to change their position and pay a substantial injury settlement. 

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$115,000 – Broward County Car Accident

A commercial vehicle on I95 in Broward County executed an improper lane change striking our Client’s vehicle on the driver’s side door. The Client sustained, in substance, a dominant ankle sprain/strain that required injections as well as a lumbar spine injury (several disc bulges) that required injections. Radio frequency ablation surgery for the lower back was also recommended. The Datny Law Firm negotiated a pre-suit settlement of $115,000.00. 


$100,000 – Boca Raton Dog Bite 

Our Client, a Minor, was attacked and bitten by an off-leash dog in West Boca resulting in a large wound that required closure at the hospital. The wound scarred over and future treatment was recommended. Our Boca Raton Dog Bite Attorney David B. Datny obtained a full policy limits tender of $100,000.00 from the dog owner’s renter’s insurance policy. No other insurance policies were available for this claim. 

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$100,000 – Boca Raton Hit And Run Car Accident

A commercial vehicle on Clint More Road in Boca Raton struck the rear of our Client’s vehicle before fleeing the scene. The Client obtained a picture of the vehicle and partial plate allowing The Datny Law Firm to identify the responsible owner and insurance company. The Client sustained soft tissue injuries to his/her neck that were treated therapeutically. No injections or surgeries were performed. However, due to the punitive aspects of the claim, our Boca Raton Car Accident Lawyer was able to secure a policy limits tender of $100,000.00 from Progressive Insurance. 


$100,000 – Rollover Car Accident – Alligator Alley

Personal Injury Lawyer David B. Datny obtained a policy limits tender of $100,000.00 from Progressive for a Client rear-ended at high speed on Alligator Alley resulting in his/her vehicle rolling over. The Client sustained soft tissue neck and back injuries without surgery or interventional care. No other insurance was available.

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$100,000 – West Palm Beach Pedestrian Knockdown 

Client was struck in a cross walk by an elderly and distracted driver in a large senior citizen community. As a result, he/she sustained a fractured hip requiring surgical intervention and extensive post-surgery rehabilitation. Palm Beach County Injury Attorney David B. Datny obtained a policy limits tender of $100,000 from the bodily injury carrier. There was no other coverage or insurance available to further compensate the Client. 

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