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The Datny Law Firm and Wellington Car Accident Attorney David B. Datny represent injured accident victims in Wellington, Florida and the surrounding cities in Palm Beach County. Wellington Personal Injury Attorney David B. Datny offer injured clients relentless representation for bodily injury and wrongful death claims whether they have taken place in Wellington or elsewhere in Florida.

Having served as a litigation partner in a large national insurance defense firm, Wellington Personal Injury Lawyer David B. Datny has a first-hand understanding of how defense law firms and insurance companies operate. His experience on the other side and background in insurance claims differentiates him from other personal injury lawyers and plays a critical role in how he handles claims for injured accident victims. It also allows him to intelligently navigate personal injury claims to achieve the best possible outcomes on behalf of his clients.

If you have been hurt in a car accident, truck accident, motorcycle accident, boat accident, dog bite, slip and fall or other accident involving injury, The Datny Law Firm is here to help get you the medical attention you need as well as the financial compensation you deserve for medical bills (past/future), lost earning (past/future), pain and suffering. Wellington Personal Injury Attorney David B. Datny is personally available to assist accident victims at 561-221-7474. Please do not hesitate to contact us 24/7 via phone or text. All consultations are FREE and we will travel to you. There is no fee unless we win your case!

Why Choose Us? Datny Law vs. Other Law

1. Access and Availability

When you are hiring a law firm to represent you, you may have trouble getting the attention of an attorney. Some clients never even meet their attorneys at a mid-size or large firm, and they rarely can talk to them on the phone. By contrast, Wellington Personal Injury Lawyer David B. Datny understands the importance of personally keeping clients informed of the status of their cases and discussing what is being done to progress the case forward. A small firm does not mean small effort. In fact, it means the opposite. Wellington Personal Injury Attorney David B. Datny is dedicated to getting to know his clients thoroughly and being available to them at all times. He gives each client his personal cell phone number so that they can text or call him with questions or concerns as soon as they arise. Wellington Personal Injury Lawyer David B. Datny also realizes the stress that victims face during the process of pursuing justice and the compensation they urgently need. The accessibility and individualized attention Attorney Datny provides to his clients, regardless of the monetary value of their claims, will help ease your concerns during this difficult process.

2. Personalized Representation and Individualized Attention

While the underlying laws may be the same, the facts involved in each injury claim are not. Each client is different and the impact of the accident on them is unique and personal. Taking the time to get to know our clients and their story allows us to identify and explore the distinctive aspects of their case, which is the key to maximizing their recovery. Many firms, including mid and large size firms have a standardized approach that they use for every client, which may overlook the unique strengths or aggravating factors of a case and diminish the outcome. On the other hand, Wellington Personal Injury and Car Accident Attorney David B. Datny and The Datny Law Firm will carefully examine the details of your case, to create a personalized legal strategy that is right for you.

Wellington Practice Areas


Wellington residents are injured in car accidents each day. Unfortunately, car accidents are one of the leading causes of injury in Florida. In fact, in 2012, the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles reported that over 280,000 individuals in the state were involved in car accidents, with almost 200,000 victims sustaining injuries. Many of these accidents are resolved under Florida’s “no-fault insurance scheme” which provides personal injury protection or “PIP” coverage to drivers for medical treatment and lost earnings regardless of fault. This means a driver’s own insurance will pay between $2,500 and $10,000 of their own medical costs and lost wages. However, this is often not enough when the injuries are significant or catastrophic. In such cases, a negligent driver can be held liable for additional compensation to victims including for past medical expenses not covered by PIP or insurance, future medical expenses, unreimbursed past lost wages, future lost wages, pain and suffering. If you have been involved in an automobile accident, let The Datny Law Firm help you determine which legal options are available to you. Wellington Personal Injury and Car Accident Attorney David B. Datny is available any time at 561-221-7474 to assist you.


The Datny Law Firm represent victims injured by Uber, Uber Eats and Lyft drivers in Wellington, Florida. Ridesharing apps, like Uber and Lyft, as well as online delivery services, like Uber Eats, have become very popular in Wellington and throughout Palm Beach County as they provide an easy and cost effective way to travel and deliver goods. However, car accidents involving Uber, Uber Eats and Lyft, have also increased over the last couple of years. Rideshare car accidents are more complicated than your traditional automobile accident or fender bender. The challenges involving rideshare accidents include not only issues of fault, but insurance coverage as well. More often than not, after an Uber, Uber Eats, Lyft or other rideshare accident, there are several different insurance carriers pointing the finger at the other. This is why you need The Datny Law Firm. Wellington Personal Injury Lawyer David B. Datny will help you hold the responsible parties and insurance companies accountable for your injuries, medical expenses, pain and suffering caused by negligent Uber, Uber Eats or Lyft drivers.


It’s no secret that drunk driving is dangerous and deadly. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, drunk driving car accidents claim the lives of more than 10,000 people each year. In Florida alone, car accidents involving alcohol killed 1,110 people in 2016. If you or a loved one has been the victim of a drunk driving accident, The Datny Law Firm and Wellington Car Accident Attorney David B. Datny are here to help. Call us any time at 561-221-7474 for a FREE consultation. We will even travel to you if necessary.


There are several major highways and busy roadways that run through or are adjacent to Wellington making residents highly susceptible to truck accidents and catastrophic injury especially considering the size and weight of these large commercial vehicles. After a truck accident, it is imperative that you seek immediate legal representation. Time is also of the essence in truck accident cases as important evidence, witnesses, photographs, dashboard video or GPS data may be lost if not timely preserved. Without this information, your truck accident claim may be lost or diminished before ever starting. Truck accident cases often involve complicated issues of law, liability and fault. Theories of liability may go beyond the fault of the individual driver and include the vicarious liability of the trucking company for a driver-employee who was on the job when the crash occurred. The trucking company may be directly liable for negligent hiring, retention, or supervision of the driver. The trucking companies have full time insurance adjusters, risk managers and inhouse lawyers on call day and night to defend these claims and so should you. The Datny Law Firm is available to assist truck accident victims 24/7 at 561-221-747. Wellington Truck Accident Attorney David B. Datny spent many years defending trucking and insurance companies in these types of accident claims and now uses this information to help victims get the justice they deserve.


Unfortunately, Florida leads the nation in motorcycle deaths and many more riders are injured in motorcycle related accidents. Wellington Motorcycle Accident Attorney David B. Datny has represented victims injured in motorcycle accidents in Wellington, Palm Beach County and throughout Florida. Motorcyclists have the same right to safety on the road that all other motorists have, and when another driver fails to recognize that right, it is a motorcycle rider or passenger who is usually left with the most significant injuries. In Florida, motorcyclists over the age of 21 years old are not required to wear helmets as long as they have proper insurance coverage. Head and neck injuries are especially common in these types of accidents, which often require extensive post-accident medical treatment and are associated with new limitations in work or daily living that victims never had before. That is why it is important that motorcycle crash victims understand their legal options and hire an experienced attorney like Wellington Personal Injury Lawyer and Motorcycle Accident Attorney David B. Datny who can make sure the responsible parties are held liable.


Bicyclists in Wellington, like pedestrians, are highly susceptible to serious injury as they are exposed to direct bodily impact from vehicles as well as contact with the road resulting in brain injury, spinal cord trauma, cervical/lumbar disc injury, internal trauma and broken bones. There were approximately 45,000 bicycle injuries and 818 fatalities nationwide from bicycle/car accidents in 2015. The financial cost of treating these injuries is great and hard to satisfy without health insurance or income lost from being out of work due to the accident. If you have been in a bicycle accident, The Datny Law Firm will help you hold the at fault party responsible for your injuries, medical expenses, lost earnings, pain and suffering. Wellington Personal Injury Lawyer and Bicycle Accident Attorney David B. Datny is relentless in his representation of bike accident victims and ensuring they get the money they deserve.


Pedestrians are common in Wellington since year round we have beautiful weather and walking or running are popular activities and modes of transportation for residents, tourists, and vacationers. Unfortunately, accidents happen. In 2015, 70,000 pedestrians were injured and 5,376 of them were killed in crashes with motor vehicles according to The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Wellington Personal Injury Attorney David B. Datny and The Datny Law Firm advocate for the rights of pedestrians who have been struck by careless drivers. Victims of pedestrian accidents need representation because they often suffer catastrophic injuries and large out of pocket medical expenses due to their lack of protection from vehicles that strike their body directly. Wellington Personal Injury Lawyer David B. Datny helps pedestrian accident victims recover medically and financially from the responsible party.


Slip and fall accidents are quite common in Wellington and throughout Palm Beach County. They can occur almost anywhere, from a sidewalk to a restaurant or retail store, as well as a hotel, condominium or a theme park. An owner that fails to keep a property adequately safe for visitors is generally responsible for the injuries that result. However, establishing liability in a slip and fall case can be difficult and there are a variety of potential defenses available to a property owner. As such, these type of cases are often contested and aggressively defended by insurance companies and their lawyers. That is why you need The Datny Law Firm and a lawyer, like David B. Datny, that is experienced in handling slip and fall cases. Wellington Personal Injury Lawyer David B. Datny used to handle these claims for the insurance companies, but now uses his insider knowledge of their claims practices and defense strategies to benefit fall victims. He will fight relentlessly for fall victims to ensure they get the justice they deserve.


Publix is a popular supermarket chain throughout Florida with several locations in Wellington. Unfortunately, supermarkets like Publix (and their GreenWise Market) are common venues for slip and fall as well as other injury causing accidents. Supermarkets have numerous aisles and back areas accessible to customers, as well as large parking lots they are responsible for maintaining. When a customer slips or trips and falls, Publix Supermarket may be responsible as they are duty bound to maintain the premises in a reasonably safe condition and to warn guests of hazardous conditions. Publix Supermarket is also responsible for making sure its employees are properly trained and supervised so they can identify and timely resolve dangerous conditions within the store or in the parking lot or adjacent sidewalk areas. When store owners fail to take the safety of their customers into account, they should be held responsible for the harm that results. Wellington Personal Injury Attorney and Publix Supermarket Lawyer David B. Datny has extensive experience representing victims of Publix Supermarket accidents throughout Florida. He is available 24/7 at 561-221-7474 to help supermarket accident victims maneuver through the nuances of these personal injury claims.


Dog bites and other animal attacks occur quite frequently in Florida including Wellington which is a very animal friendly city. Unfortunately, when they do, the victims are often left with large out of pocket medical bills as well as serious, permanent and sometimes disfiguring injuries and scars. While the dog bite laws are characterized as strict liability, there are statutory defenses available to dog owners making the laws quite complicated and confusing to lay persons as well as to attorneys who lack experience representing dog bite victims. That is why it is extremely important for you to consult The Datny Law Firm and David B. Datny, an experienced Wellington Personal Injury Attorney and Dog Bite Lawyer. We know how to navigate the dog bite laws and have successfully represented dog bite victims in Wellington and throughout Florida. If you or a loved one has been attacked by an animal or bitten by a dog, give call us at 561-221-7474.


The Datny Law Firm handles wrongful death claims in Wellington and throughout Palm Beach County. Family members who lose a loved one in a fatal motor vehicle collision, slip and fall, or any other accident can take legal action pursuant to Florida’s Wrongful Death Act. Surviving spouses and children can seek damages for medical costs, loss of support, burial and funeral expenses, and other losses if their loved one was killed due to another party’s negligence. However, it is important to note, that there are time limits on filing such a claim as well as strict procedural rules that must be followed. For instance, unlike personal injury claims, which have a four-year statute of limitations in Florida, wrongful death claims must be filed within two years from a victim’s death, making prompt action important in ensuring that your legal rights are preserved. The best way to ensure your rights are protected, and that all the applicable procedures are followed, is to contact Wellington Wrongful Death Attorney David B. Datny for a FREE consultation.


Boating Accident Lawyer David B. Datny and The Datny Law Firm help victims of boat accidents in Wellington and throughout the State of Florida, where boating is a very popular pastime. The State of Florida has more registered recreational boating vessels than any other state in the country. In Palm Beach County alone, there are more than 35,000 registered vessels. Not surprisingly, Florida also leads the nation in boating accidents. If you have been injured in a boating accident, or have lost a lone one, an experienced personal injury attorney and Wellington Boat Accident Attorney like David B. Datny can be your best resource. We help boat accident victims get the compensation they need to rebuild their lives. It’s easy to get started, just call 561-221-7474 at any hour of the day or night to schedule a FREE case evaluation.


The Datny Law Firm in Wellington and Cruise Ship Accident Lawyer David B. Datny help victims of cruise ship accidents throughout the State of Florida including in Palm Beach, Broward and Miami-Dade Counties, which has become one of the main launching points for cruise ships. There are many types of shipboard activities that lead to passenger injury including: slipping and falling on liquid substances; tripping and falling on debris or other transitory conditions; elevator accidents; escalator accidents; faulty equipment in a stateroom; pool accidents; negligent service (e.g., careless waiter spilling hot liquid); foreign objects in food or beverages; food poisoning and falling overboard. Unfortunately, bringing a claim against a cruise ship is not as clear cut as an automobile accident. Jurisdiction in a cruise ship case is typically controlled by the contract the passenger signs when booking passage on the ship. The terms of the cruise ship contract often designate a specific state in which suit must be filed, which jurisdiction’s substantive law will apply, and even create additional procedural requirements for injured parties who plan to file suit that may be different from state law (e.g., statute of limitation, pre-suit notice requirements, mandatory arbitration). This is why it is in your best interest to immediately consult with Wellington Cruise Ship Accident Attorney David B. Datny as quickly as possible to ensure your rights are protected.

Testimonials & Client Reviews

The Datny Law Firm and Personal Injury Attorney David B. Datny are well reviewed by clients, colleagues and peers. While prior results do not guarantee similar outcomes, and every case is unique, we are very proud of the feedback we have received. For ease of reference, we have pasted some reviews below. However, for a more complete list, please review the testimonials portion of our website as well as the firm’s Facebook page and Google My Business listing.

-Had a great experience with David Datny he helped me with my accident. I would recommend him for anybody who has been injured. – Damiano F.

-David was great through the entire process of handling my case. A consummate professional and he showed genuine concern for my well being. I have referred friends and family to him for their legal needs. – Spiros G.

-David helped me with a car accident case, I was the passenger and I was hurt while I was sitting in the front seat, while no other passenger in the car got hurt, my neck hurt a lot even weeks after the accident. I decided to get a lawyer and I was extremely glad I found David. He treated me with respect and professionalism and I was well compensated for the injury I received after the accident. The case took only a few months to resolve and I was pleased with the outcome. If you are looking for a professional and one who is ready to help no matter how small or large your case is, I recommend you call David. – Joanni F.

-I have referred several clients to David over the past year, and I can say that they all LOVE him. He is kind and professional, and genuinely cares about his clients. He is a man of his word. His follow up is meticulous. He knew he would be unable to help one of my referrals just from their conversation over the phone. He STILL met with her just to offer her some guidance! He is always available as he gives his clients his personal cell phone number! I can not say enough great things about David. If ten stars were an option, I would select it. – Amy C.

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Serious injuries are usually accompanied by missed work, mounting medical expenses, pain/suffering and other burdens associated with healing. If you have questions about what to do after an accident, or if you are ready to start the process of getting your life back on track, contact The Datny Law Firm and Wellington Personal Injury Lawyer David B. Datny today for a FREE consultation at The Lake Wellington Professional Center, 12161 Ken Adams Way, Suite 110-DD, Wellington, Florida 33414. We are also available around the clock to assist you via phone or text at 561-221-7474 or through our website contact page. There is no fee unless we win your case!

The Datny Law Firm represents injured accident victims in Wellington and throughout Palm Beach County including Lake Worth Beach, Riviera Beach, Royal Palm Beach, North Palm Beach, Lantana, Golden Lakes, Loxahatchee, West Palm Beach, Palm Beach, Greenacres, Palm Beach Gardens, Jupiter, Stuart, Port St. Lucie, Boynton Beach, Boca Raton, Delray Beach.

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