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Vacation Accidents

Injured on Vacation in South Florida?

Currently, Florida is one of the hottest (no pun intended) vacation spots in the country. Tourists and vacationers come from all over the world to visit Florida’s amusement, theme and water parks like Disney World, Universal Studios, Busch Gardens, Sea World, Animal Kingdom and Lion Country Safari, which cater to the whole family. And, of course, they come for Florida’s magnificent beaches, hotels and resorts where vacationers scuba dive, boat, jet ski, water ski, bicycle, surf and power sail. When tourists and vacationers visit Florida, they do not anticipate getting into an accident or becoming injured. However, when you consider the enormous number of people that are drawn to these Florida hot spots on a yearly basis, it stands to reason that accidents and injuries can occur, and do occur, often.

Tourists and vacationers from out-of-state or from a different country are often confused what to do after an accident in the State of Florida. Most of the time they are without the local resources to get appropriate medical and legal assistance they need after an accident outside of their home state or country. This is why it is important for tourists and vacationers to know that regardless of where an accident takes place, if you are injured in the State of Florida due to the negligence or carelessness of another person or business The Datny Law Firm is here to help.

Vacation Accident Attorney David B. Datny offers individualized legal representation to clients injured in the State of Florida regardless of where they live, even if they are from out-of-state or from another country. Mr. Datny has experience dealing with all types of clients from all over the country and globe. He is available on his cell phone 24/7 to talk or text with you immediately after an accident or throughout the life of your claim or case.


Common Causes of Vacationer/Tourist Accidents in Florida


Vacationers and tourists in Florida can be injured anywhere, from a beach to amusement park like Disney World, to a restaurant, hotel/resort, or store like Publix, to a sidewalk or parking lot. Depending on the location, property owners owe differing levels of care to people who visit their premises. However, when vacationers/tourists are injured at these locations, accidents commonly involve a slip and fall accident, which may indicate that a property owner has fallen below a reasonable standard of care, for any of the following reasons:

  • Slippery floors at hotels, resorts, restaurants or bars due to spilled liquids
  • Broken stairs or railings at amusement parks, water parks or other tourist attractions
  • Uneven or cracked pavement on sidewalks or parking lots at theme parks, hotels or malls
  • Inadequate lighting in parking lots, stairwells, or other areas, including rides
  • Cracked tiles or uneven carpet at restaurants, bars, hotels or any number of other places

Slip and fall accidents can lead to significant injuries, such as broken bones, paralysis, back injuries, and traumatic brain injuries, among others. Children and elderly adults, who make up a large percentage of tourists and vacationers, are especially susceptible to serious injuries after such falls. Assisting victims, including children and elderly tourists, who are visiting Florida, dedicated Vacation Accident Attorney David B. Datny can determine which legal steps you should take to ensure that you get the medical treatment and financial justice you deserve from the responsible parties.

Additionally, vacationers and tourists in Florida are commonly injured in car accidents with rental cars, Uber/Lyft and taxi drivers, swimming pool accidents, theme park accidents at Disney World or Universal Studios, water park accidents at Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon (and elsewhere), boating accidents, bus accidents (including theme park shuttle vehicles or airport shuttle buses), on cruise ships or while scuba diving and/or attending a sporting event.


What to do in Case of a Florida Accident or Injury While on Vacation


While accidents occur at any time and in any place, individuals do not expect to be injured when vacationing with their families in beautiful locations throughout Florida. However, if you should be involved in an accident or suffer an injury while on vacation in Florida, here are some critical things that you must do:

Document the Events

The first thing that you will need to do is to document that your accident took place and the details of how it happened. This will provide you evidence that you may need in the future because without proof of your accident many insurance companies or risk managers will deny that it occurred. Documenting the details of your accident includes filling out an incident report, contacting the police, letting the responsible party know you had an accident with injuries, taking photos of the accident location as well as your injuries and identifying witnesses and getting their contact information. For example, if the weather was bad and you fell on the deck of a cruise ship or on a ride at Disney World, taking photos of the lack of cautionary signage in the area can be an important addition to your case.

Get Medical Attention Right Away

Seek immediate medical care and treatment. Do not wait until you return home to see a doctor. You should not forego immediate medical attention in Florida just because you are away from a familiar or trusted physician. You may have serious injuries that are not apparent after an accident that require urgent care. Also, a doctor’s assessment at or near the time of your accident is invaluable when putting together a legal case. There are also medical benefits you may be entitled to after an accident that are contingent on seeking prompt medical attention. This is another reason why after seeking medical attention in Florida, you should immediately contact Vacation Accident Attorney David B. Datny so that he can ensure you get the benefits you are entitled to and deserve.

Visit Your Own Doctor

When you get home, visit your primary doctor or care physician. He or she will be able to follow up on the injuries you sustained during your vacation and document how your condition may have worsened since your last visit. Having your trusted doctor monitor your medical condition will provide input from someone who is already familiar with your medical history.

Contact a Florida Accident Attorney

Once an accident or injury has occurred on your Florida vacation, you need to immediately contact local accident injury attorney David B. Datny. He provides his cell phone number for this very reason so he can immediately begin to build your case and identify any particulars that need to be addressed including the preservation of important evidence. Getting Mr. Datny involved immediately after an accident will also protect you from over reaching insurance companies, risk managers and investigators that will trick you into prejudicing your claim by submitting to a medical examination or by providing a statement or by accepting money that prematurely ends your claim before knowing what your injuries or medical expenses are.


Why You Need an Attorney in Florida


Due to the unexpected nature of these accidents, tourists and vacationers to Florida that are injured in an accident can be confused and uncertain as to where they can turn for legal assistance, especially when they do not live in Florida. Victims of accidents may also be unaware of what legal options are available to them, when it comes to injury compensation, which can include compensation for the cost of medical care (past/future), missed time from work as well as pain and suffering.

Vacationers and tourists to Florida should hire an attorney in Florida, such as The Datny Law Firm, for the following reasons:

  • First, only an attorney licensed to practice law in the State of Florida, such as David B. Datny, can bring a lawsuit in the State of Florida. Out-of-state attorneys may not be eligible to practice here or qualified to handle complicated accident cases involving local individuals and business, which The Datny Law Firm routinely handles.
  • After an accident, the claim must be thoroughly investigated and evidence must be collected and preserved. This requires inspection of the accident location as well as identification and interview of any witnesses. An out-of-state attorney may not be able to timely investigate claims in Florida or act quickly enough to ensure that evidence is preserved and witnesses are interviewed. Failure to undertake this type of due diligence could doom a claim or lawsuit before it is even commenced. A local attorney is best situated to timely undertake these tasks, especially one like David B. Datny, that is familiar with the area.
  • Each court in Florida has a unique jurisdiction including county specific rules and procedures that must be followed. The Datny Law Firm has the experience necessary to work effectively within any Florida court. Out-of-state attorneys may not be aware of these local rules and procedures, presenting unnecessary roadblocks to an already complicated legal process, that can ultimately be avoided by consulting with Florida Accident Attorney David B. Datny.

Regardless of where your accident occurs when visiting Florida, Attorney David B. Datny is here to help. He is committed to making sure that victims, including out-of-state tourists and vacationers, get relentless representation. Mr. Datny is dedicated to ensuring that his clients receive the money they deserve and will work closely with them regardless of where they reside to make sure that they are well informed and comfortable throughout the entire legal process, even if they are no longer present in Florida. Mr. Datny is available to Skype or Video Conference with out-of-state accident victims and he is always personally available at 561-221-7474. Please do not hesitate to contact him immediately if you were injured while on vacation in Florida.

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