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Presidente Supermarket Accident Lawyer

Supermarket Accident Attorney Helping Victims Throughout Florida

Presidente Supermarket Accident Lawyer David B. Datny and The Datny Law Firm in Boca Raton and Wellington represent victims injured at Presidente Supermarkets and El Presidente Supermarkets throughout Florida including (but not limited to) Delray Beach, Boynton Beach, West Palm Beach, Lake Worth, Lauderhill, Palm Springs and Miami.

Many supermarket accidents are preventable if the appropriate level of care and caution is exercised by store management and employees including regular inspection of the premises for hazardous conditions, routine maintenance of infrastructure and equipment, repair of shelving and shopping carts, placement of warning signs at known hazardous conditions as well as having policies and procedures for combating recurring conditions inside and out of the store. Presidente Supermarket is responsible for injuries resulting from not doing these things and otherwise failing to provide customers with a safe environment to shop without the risk of injury. 

When grocers like Presidente fail to take necessary steps to ensure the premises is safe, and free of hazardous conditions, they (and not you) should be financially responsible for your subsequent injuries, medical expenses and associated pain and suffering. The only way to provoke meaningful change, and protect the safety of future customers, is to hold negligent supermarkets accountable.

Presidente Supermarket Injury Lawyer David B. Datny has extensive experience prosecuting claims against grocery stores. He spent years working for insurance companies and defending grocery stores like Presidente. Now, Attorney David B. Datny uses his knowledge and insider experience of insurance carriers and defense firms to the advantage of his clients, ensuring they get the compensation they deserve. El Presidente Supermarket Injury Lawyer David B. Datny is available 24/7 at 561-221-7474 to help accident victims. All consultations are FREE and we will travel to you if necessary regardless of where you may be located in Florida.


Frequent Causes of Presidente Supermarket Accidents

There are many different types of Presidente Supermarket Accidents that can cause injury to customers inside or out of the store. Several of the most common causes of President Supermarket Accidents are listed below. The list is by no means all-inclusive so if you have been injured in any way at a Supermarket or Grocery Store, contact The Datny Law Firm for a FREE consultation.

  • Debris – trip and fall accidents can occur at supermarkets due to product on the floor that fell from the shelves or from shopping carts or even bunched up mats. The supermarket has a duty to regularly inspect and clean the floors of all debris and fall hazards to make the premises safe for customers. Its failure to do so, is a basis to assert a negligence claim for subsequent injuries.
  • Spills – slip and fall accidents frequently occur at supermarkets due to liquid substances from store product allowed to remain on the floor and/or leaks from inadequately maintained freezers or refrigeration units. The supermarket may be liable for injuries if it failed to take reasonable safety precautions to protect its customers, e.g., placing mats in front of refrigeration units, mopping dry wet floors or placing warning signs near spills prior to cleaning.
  • Falling Objects – injuries at supermarkets sometimes happen when objects fall from the shelves due to inadequate stocking or failure to inspect, maintain and repair the shelves or product displays in a reasonably safe condition.
  • Food Poisoning – old, expired, inadequately frozen and/or improperly refrigerated foods can cause supermarket customers to become ill with food poisoning, salmonella or other serious conditions. Supermarkets are required to inspect product and remove all that is not fit for consumption. Failure to do so, can give rise to a claim for any related injuries.
  • Burns – supermarket injuries can occur due to excessively hot foods or liquids that can burn customers if spilt including coffee or soup. Burn incidents can also occur at supermarkets due to self-serve hot bars, coffee machines, soup bars that are too hot for public use and fail to warn customers of the risk.
  • Sharp Objects/Edges – accidents frequently happen due to old and broken supermarket shelving units or store displays that have sharp edges capable of cutting customers. Lacerations and cuts can also occur due to poorly maintained or damaged shopping carts.
  • Poor Lighting – inadequate lighting or the lack of lighting due to defective lighting fixtures increase the risk of fall injuries inside and out of the store creating a hazardous / trap like condition for customers.
  • Obstacles/Obstructions – there should be no obstructions blocking supermarket aisles so that customers with their shopping carts can easily traverse the store. Product pallets, dollies, cardboard boxes, display units scattered throughout the store represent unreasonable obstacles that could cause injury to customers.
  • Exterior Conditions –supermarket accident also occur outside the store on dangerous conditions in the parking lot, sidewalk, walkway and/or crosswalk, e.g., raised and uneven sidewalk flag stones, parking lot potholes, broken or cracked curbing, sunken pavement, etc. Presidente Supermarket is just as responsible for providing customers with a safe environment outside the store as inside.

Common Injuries in Presidente Supermarket Accidents

Injuries from supermarket or grocery store accidents can range from sprains/strains to traumatic brain injury or death. The most common types of injuries following supermarket accidents at Presidente or El Presidente are listed below. Regardless of how the injuries are characterized, they should not have occurred had the supermarket acted appropriately and The Datny Law Firm will fight to get you the compensation you deserve.

  • Brain Injury (TBI, Concussion)
  • Broken Bones (Fractures, Ligament Tears)
  • Spinal Cord Trauma
  • Spinal Disc Injury (Herniated or Bulging Discs)
  • Burns, Cuts or Lacerations
  • Sprains, Strains
  • Paralysis, Paraplegia, Quadriplegia
  • Death

After your accident, you should get immediate medical attention to address your injuries regardless of whether you think you are injured or not. Oftentimes, injuries are more severe than they seem at the outset or do not materialize until hours, days or weeks after the traumatic incident.

We recognize that getting the necessary treatment for your injuries can be quite costly particularly if you do not have health insurance or alternatively if you have a large deductible or coinsurance that you cannot afford. Financially you may not be able to get the treatment you need based on these things or if you are out of work for an extended period of time. At The Datny Law Firm, Presidente Supermarket Lawyer David B. Datny will seek damages and compensation for your medical treatment needs, lost earnings, out of pocket expenses, pain and suffering. El Presidente Supermarket, and not you, should be responsible for your damages.

Liability for Presidente Supermarket Accidents

Supermarkets, including El Presidente, are responsible under Florida Statute 768.0755, and at common law, for maintaining its premises in a safe condition. However, it is only responsible for dangerous conditions it caused or created and/or had actual or constructive notice of, which it failed to remedy. Creating the hazardous condition serves as actual notice to the supermarket. Constructive notice is harder to prove and is established when a condition has existed for an unreasonable length of time so that it should have been discovered and fixed prior to an accident, e.g., a dirty puddle of water on the floor of an aisle is indicative of a condition that has existed for some time. The supermarket may also be liable under the statute for injuries resulting from recurring dangerous conditions which it failed to remedy or warn customers of, e.g., a persistent leak from a refrigerator that it failed to fix, mitigate with a mat or warn with a sign.

As you can see, analyzing liability can be quite complicated and fact intensive. That is why it is extremely important for you to consult an experienced Supermarket Accident Lawyer like David B. Datny. He knows how to navigate El Presidente Supermarket Accident claims as he has successfully done so for victims throughout Florida.


What to Do After a Presidente Supermarket Accident

After an accident at Presidente Supermarket or El Presidente Supermarket, you should do the following things to protect yourself and your rights to pursue a claim for damages. It is important to note, that failure to adhere to these steps may minimize any subsequent claim or even waive it entirely:

(1) REPORT THE INCIDENT to the store and get a copy of the report. Before returning the incident report, take a photograph of it with your phone as often times the store will not provide you with a copy afterwards. Do not leave the store without reporting the incident. If you do, the store may deny your accident occurred.

(2) SEEK PROMPT MEDICAL ATTENTION As mentioned above, injuries after an accident are not always apparent and you should get checked out immediately. Moreover, insurance companies are always suspect of accidents without urgent care.

(3) PHOTOGRAPH EVERYTHING It is important to take pictures of everything including the injury causing condition, the area where you fell, the presence or lack thereof of warning signs, physical signs of your injury.

(4) WITNESS INFORMATION If there are employees, managers or customers that witness your accident, the conditions leading up to it or the aftermath, get their names and contact information before leaving the scene.


(6) WARNING Supermarkets like Presidente are notorious for contacting accident victims promptly after an incident an offering money (nominal amounts) in exchange for a Release. Never accept any money, or sign any documents, without consulting an attorney. If you do, you’re your claim will be lost before you even know the nature or extent of your injuries or medical treatment needs.

(7) CALL THE DATNY LAW FIRM! Before you do anything else that may compromise your rights, including giving a statement to the insurance company or getting examined by one of its doctors, contact Presidente Supermarket Accident Lawyer David B. Datny at 561-221-7474. Don’t wait to contact us. Time is of the essence after your accident as important evidence can be lost if not immediately preserved. We are available 24/7 to assist you with your case and we will travel to you for a FREE consultation regardless of where you are located in Florida.

The Datny Law Firm represents Presidente Supermarket Accident Victims throughout Florida including Boca Raton, Wellington, Lake Worth, Riviera Beach, Royal Palm Beach, North Palm Beach, Lantana, Golden Lakes, Loxahatchee, West Palm Beach, Palm Beach, Palm Springs, Greenacres, Palm Beach Gardens, Jupiter, Stuart, Port St. Lucie, Boynton Beach, Boca Raton, Delray Beach. We also represent Clients in Broward County including Coconut Creek, Coral Springs, Davie, Deerfield Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Hollywood, Lauderdale Lakes, Lauderhill, Lighthouse Point, Margate, Miramar, Pembroke Pines, Plantation, Pompano Beach, Sunrise, Key Biscayne, Miami, Miami Lakes, Miami Shores, Miami Springs, North Bay Village, North Miami, Orlando, St. Augustine, South Miami.

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