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WINTER PARK, FL Personal Injury Lawyer & Car Accident Attorney

David B. Datny, Esq.

Personal Injury Attorney In WINTER PARK, FL

Winter Park Personal Injury Attorney & Car Accident Lawyer

The Datny Law Firm in Winter Park is a Top-Rated Personal Injury Law Firm that helps injured accident victims in Winter Park, Aloma, Orlando, and throughout Central Florida recover physically and financially for their injuries, medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering.

Winter Park, Florida is known for its outdoor spaces which provide ample opportunity to participate in a variety of recreational activities. Whether running through one of the city’s scenic parks, golfing, enjoying a bicycle tour, visiting a festival or just shopping, there’s so much that goes on in a day. With this amount of activity, unfortunate incidents are bound to happen and Winter Park records a significant number of accidents every year. For the victims of these accidents, life may never be the same. Accident injuries can be permanent and impose a significant financial burden on the victims and their families including out of pocket medical bills, lost income, lost employment, lost health insurance and other benefits.

We believe the at fault party, not you, should bear the costs and burdens of the accident. That is why Winter Park Personal Injury Attorney David B. Datny fights to hold the responsible party or business financially accountable for your accident. Regardless of whether you were hurt in a Winter Park Car Accident, a Winter Park Truck Accident, a Winter Park Slip and Fall or Winter Park Dog Bite, we can help you get the medical attention you need and the financial justice you deserve. The Datny Law Firm understands how difficult the times after an accident can be for the victim; that is why we handle all aspects of your personal injury claim so you can focus on healing. Time is always of the essence after an accident. Do not wait to seek immediate legal assistance from a Winter Park Personal Injury Attorney Near Me like David B. Datny.

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About Our Winter Park Injury Attorney David B. Datny, Esq.

David B. Datny, Esq. is a Top-Rated Personal Injury Lawyer and Car Accident Attorney in Winter Park, Florida. He has over 12 years of experience litigating personal injury matters involving catastrophic accidents and injuries including wrongful death. He was previously a litigation partner in a large national New York City law firm defending corporations, insurance companies, and risk managers in civil lawsuits arising out of car crashes, truck accidents, premises liability claims and construction accidents. However, after years of representing insurance companies, and their insures, Mr. Datny switched sides. In 2018, he founded The Datny Law Firm to help accidents victims recover physically/financially by pursuing compensation for their injuries. Mr. Datny now serves As the Managing Attorney of The Datny Law Firm where he personally strives to help accident victims in Winter Park, Aloma, Orlando and throughout Florida.

Mr. Datny is well rated and reviewed by clients and colleagues who recognize his skill in the area of personal injury. In 2020, Mr. Datny was rated a “Rising Star” by Super Lawyers Magazine, which is a prestigious honor considering each year no more than 2.5 percent of the lawyers in the state are selected by the research team at Super Lawyers to receive this honor.

To learn more about Winter Park Personal Injury Lawyer David B. Datny, click the link or call 407-753-7474.

Winter Park Accident Cases

Accidents are unfortunately common and frequently result in injury to another person. If you injury cases are common as they arise from different types of accidents, including car accidents, truck crashes, slip and fall accidents, motorcycle accidents, pedestrian accidents, just to mention but a few. While it may not always be the case, these accidents happen due to another party’s negligence or carelessness. In such cases, you need an experienced Winter Park accident claim attorney who can prove that the other party was negligent and hold them liable for your injuries. David B. Datny dedicates his knowledge and experience to pursuing compensation for accident victims for their injuries.

Winter Park Car Accidents

With approximately 114 miles of roads, Winter Park Florida is known for its elegant homes and first-class shopping experiences – no wonder so many people want to reside or visit the city every year. Most people rely on cars as the main form of transportation in and around the city, but it is not uncommon to also see people in Winter Park using other forms of transportation to get around such as bicycles, electric scooters, rollerblades or simply walking. With so much activity, you can almost predict the likelihood of car accidents is high.

The consequences of an unexpected car accident can be devastating. They can change your life in many ways. The accident may require you to undergo costly medical treatment, which means you may have to give up your activities of normal living to focus on treatment. This may prevent you from taking care of your family, going to school or work resulting in lost wages or lost benefits including health insurance.

Winter Park Car Accident Lawyer David B. Datny believes the at fault party should be responsible for your medical and financial losses caused by their negligence. He will help you hold the at fault party accountable and obtain compensation from them for your injuries, so you are better able to deal with the aftermath of the accident.

What Caused Your Winter Park Car Accident?

When you hire The Datny Law Firm, one of the first thing we do is investigate the crash to identify how and why it happened so we can hold all parties responsible. Only those automobile accidents caused by the fault of another driver are compensable. There are many potential causes and types of car accidents in Winter Park, too many to list, but some of the most common types we handle are below:

  • Winter Park Uber Car Accidents
  • Winter Park Uber Eats Car Accidents
  • Winter Park Lyft Car Accidents
  • Winter Park Rideshare Accidents
  • Winter Park Taxi Accidents
  • Winter Park Limousine Accidents
  • Winter Park Distracted Driving Accidents
  • Winter Park Bad Weather Car Accident
  • Winter Park Teen Driver Car Accidents
  • Winter Park Texting and Driving Car Accidents
  • Winter Park Rollover Car Accidents
  • Winter Park Rear-End Car Accidents
  • Winter Park Sideswipe Car Accidents
  • Winter Park Drugged Driving Car Accidents
  • Winter Park Drunk Driving Car Accidents
  • Winter Park T-Bone Car Accidents
  • Winter Park Hit and Run Car Accidents

Winter Park Truck Accidents

Winter Park is part of the greater Orlando Metropolitan area and abuts several major roads (e.g., Orlando Avenue, SR 423) and highways (e.g., Interstate 4 or I-4, 408 East-West Expressway, Florida’s Turnpike) that service a high volume of motorists each day including many commercial vehicles, trucks and tractor trailers. With the amount of commercial traffic passing through Winter Park, truck accidents are not uncommon.

Due to the size and weight of a tractor trailer, truck accidents are more serious than a normal fender bender with a passenger vehicle. Many truck accidents are fatal, and any survivors often suffer life-changing injuries that require costly medical treatment. Not surprisingly, trucking companies do not voluntarily compensate victims. Instead, they aggressively defend these claims often trying to place responsibility on the victim for his or her own injuries. Any hesitation in contacting a skilled and experienced Winter Park Truck Accident Lawyer like David B. Datny can be the difference in making a recovery or not. If you wait, important evidence and data of the crash or the truck companies’ liability can be lost. Time is always of the essence after a truck accident case so call The Datny Law Firm immediately to ensure your rights are protected.

Winter Park Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycles are a frequent site on Winter Park roads and highways since the City’s warm weather year-round is favorable for riders. As such, it is not surprising that motorcycle accidents in Winter Park and throughout Florida are common. Unfortunately, motorcycle accidents are rarely trivial since riders are exposed to the elements and their bodies absorb the impact or make actual contact with other vehicles or the roadway itself. Even a modest motorcycle accident can have devastating consequences resulting in massive hospital and other medical bills. Unlike a car accident, there is no PIP or Med Pay available to pay medical bills following a motorcycle accident, which means you remain financially responsible for them even though they were caused by the fault of another driver. This is why it is important to have a Winter Park Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Near Me like David B. Datny at The Datny Law Firm. We will help you hold the responsible driver accountable for your motorcycle accident and ensure you get the financial compensation you need to make a full recovery.

Winter Park Dog Bites

Dog bites continue to be a public health concern in Winter Park and throughout Florida. In 2017, The Center for Disease Control (CDC) estimated there were 4.7 million dog bite incidents nationwide with approximately 800,000 requiring medical attention leaving the innocent victim with permanent and often disfiguring injuries or scars, large out of pocket medical bills, future uncovered medical expenses as well as pain and suffering from the traumatic experience. If you do not have health insurance, or if you have a high deductible plan and/or lack financial means to pay large unexpected hospital bills due to a dog bite attack, the experience can bankrupt you. This is even more certain if you get an infection or other disease following an attack that keeps you in the hospital for an extended period or out of work for even longer. The Datny Law Firm and Winter Park Dog Bite Lawyer David B. Datny will help you hold the responsible dog owner accountable.

Winter Park Slip and Fall Accidents

The Datny Law Firm in Winter Park helps victims of slip and fall accidents, which can occur in almost any public or private place. Florida Law requires property owners to keep their property in a safe condition. When they fail to maintain their property, or allow it to exist in an unsafe condition, the property owner or business is responsible for related injuries including any slip and falls or trip and falls that occur. Unfortunately, many businesses refuse to protect their employees or customers by making necessary and costly repairs which place everyone at risk of injury. When business ignores their duty to think of your safety, they must be held accountable and financially responsible for your injuries.

The Datny Law Firm and Winter Park Slip and Fall Lawyer David B. Datny can help you after a slip and fall accident. We have extensive experience prosecuting slip and fall claims throughout Florida against Restaurants (Dunkin’ Donuts, P.F. Chang’s, etc. ), Super Markets (Publix, Trader Joe’s, Presidente, Dollar General, Dollar Tree, Costco, BJ’s Wholesale Club, etc.), and other stores like Home Depot. For a free consultation, call us immediately. Do not sign any forms, or accept any monies after a slip and fall, without speaking directly with an attorney like David B. Datny.

What People Say About Our Winter Park Injury Attorney

“David is a tireless advocate for his clients and gets them the best results through force of will and relentless advocacy” -Eileen B

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Time is always of the essence after an accident whether involving a car, truck, dog or slip and fall. A skilled and experienced Winter Park Personal Injury Lawyer can help you navigate through the complicated claim process and ensure that all evidence is safeguarded and all deadlines are met. Do not go it alone or wait too long to get the help you need. It can cost you your claim or make it near impossible to recover.

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The Datny Law Firm proudly represent Clients injured throughout Florida including in Winter Park, Orlando, Aloma, Maitland, Goldenrod, Fairview Shores, Fern Park, Altamonte Springs, Azalea Park, Casselberry, Lockhart, Forest City, Conway, Winter Springs, Longwood, Pine Hills, Wekiva Springs, Oviedo, Gotha, Lake Mary, Clarcona, Ocoee, Apopka, Lake Monroe, Geneva, Sanford, Plymouth, Windermere, Zellwood, Eatonville, Wekiwa Springs, Kissimmee and the surrounding cities.

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