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The Datny Law Firm proudly represents injured accident clients in Boca Raton, Florida as well as the surrounding cities in Palm Beach and Broward Counties including (but not limited to) Delray Beach, Boynton Beach, Deerfield Beach. Boca Raton Personal Injury Attorney and Car Accident Lawyer David B. Datny has over 10 years of legal experience handling accident-injury claims on both sides of the aisle having worked as a defense attorney for major insurance companies and corporations in tort matters and wrongful death claims. In 2016, Boca Raton Personal Injury Lawyer David B. Datny switched sides and rededicated himself to obtaining justice for victims of accidents. He relentlessly works to help injured accident victims get the medical attention they need and the financial justice they desperately deserve for medical bills (past/future), lost earnings (past/future), pain and suffering. Mr. Datny’s experience working for insurance companies and as a partner in a 1,000 attorney defense law firm has provided him with a unique perspective on how claims are evaluated, reserved, and defended, which enables him to intelligently and strategically prosecute injury claims for his clients. This background also differentiates Mr. Datny from his colleagues most of whom have no intimate knowledge of how insurance companies work or their internal claims procedures.

Dealing with personal injury claims can be complicated and confusing for victims and their families, especially when they are unfamiliar with the legal process; however, the process can be even more difficult and challenging when you are simultaneously dealing with debilitating physical injuries, escalating medical bills or the loss of a loved one. During these difficult times, The Datny Law Firm is here to help. Boca Raton Personal Injury Attorney and Car Accident Lawyer David B. Datny will handle your case while you focus on recovering physically and/or emotionally.

If you or a family member have been injured in an accident, whether automobile, motorcycle, slip and fall or dog bite, Boca Raton Personal Injury Lawyer David B. Datny is personally available to assist you at 561-221-7474. Please do not hesitate to contact us 24/7 via phone or text. All consultations are FREE and we will travel to you. There is no fee unless we win your case!


Why Choose The Datny Law Firm? 


1. Unprecedented Access

The biggest complaint most clients have with their law firm is the lack of access to their attorney. In fact, most clients of other personal injury law firms have never met their attorney and have trouble getting him or her on the phone to discuss their case, which is often handled by paralegals or assistants. This is not the case at The Datny Law Firm. At The Datny Law Firm, Boca Raton Personal Injury Lawyer David B. Datny personally handles your claim and is available to you 24/7. Mr. Datny is dedicated to getting to know his clients and being available to them at all times including nights and weekends. Each client has his personal cell phone number so they can reach him when they need to or the moment a concern arises. Boca Raton Bodily Injury Attorney David B. Datny also realizes the stress that victims face during the process of pursuing justice and the compensation they urgently need. The accessibility and personalized attention Mr. Datny provides to his clients, regardless of the monetary value of their claims, will help ease your concerns during this difficult process.


2. Custom Case Strategies

No two cases or clients are alike. Each accident is different and the impact of an accident on a particular client is different as well. In view of this, The Datny Law Firm’s strategy for handling each client’s case is unique. Shockingly, this is not the case at other law firms which employ a standardized approach for every case which necessarily overlooks the unique strengths or aggravating factors of a particular client’s case thus diminishing is value or outcome. Boca Raton Personal Injury Attorney David B. Datny understands each case is personal. That is why he takes the time to get to know each of his clients so that he may identify and explore the distinctive aspects of their accident-injury case and create a personalized legal strategy that is right for them. Mr. Datny also uses this information to passionately communicate your story to insurance companies, adjusters, juries, etc., which helps him maximize your recovery.


3. Relentless Representation

Boca Raton Personal Injury Lawyer and Car Accident Attorney David B. Datny offers Relentless Representation, which means fighting for Clients rights all day, every day, even on weekends. It means providing Clients with individualized and custom case strategies that are right for them and their specific case. It means being personally available to Clients 24/7 via phone, text or e-mail to discuss their case or their injuries and treatment needs. It means helping you make the best medical and financial recovery possible!


4. No Win, No Fee Guarantee

The Datny Law Firm provides each and every Client with a No Win, No Fee Guarantee! This means NO FEE will be charged unless Boca Raton Personal Injury Attorney David B. Datny wins your case!! All personal injury cases are handled on a contingency fee basis, which means if your case is not successfully resolved via settlement, verdict or otherwise, there is no fee and you owe us nothing.


5. Free Consultations

The Datny Law Firm provides FREE CONSULTATIONS to anyone injured in an accident regardless of where they may be located in Florida!!! We meet with our Palm Beach area Clients at our Boca Raton office or by appointment in Wellington at The Lake Wellington Professional Center. If you are unable to travel, we will gladly come to you. Personal Injury Lawyer David B. Datny has helped Clients in Boca Raton, Palm Beach County, Broward County and throughout the State of Florida through in person meetings, telephone conferences, video conferencing, Skype, Face Time, etc. The Datny Law Firm is available to assist you 24/7 at 561-221-7474!

Residents and tourists in in the Boca Raton area and throughout Palm Beach County, Broward County, and South Florida are injured in car accidents each day. When the injuries are significant, insurance benefits may not be enough to cover the costs of recovery. If you, or someone you love, were injured in a car accident, do not hesitate to contact experienced Boca Raton car accident lawyer David B. Datny immediately. Florida provides a no-fault insurance scheme for car accident victims. As a result, a victim’s own insurance policy’s personal injury protection, or PIP, coverage will be applied to economic damages, such as medical costs and lost wages, regardless of who caused the collision. However, a negligent driver can be held liable for additional compensation to victims in situations in which a victim has suffered a “serious injury,” defined under Florida statute §627.737(2) as a permanent injury, the significant and permanent loss of a bodily function, scarring or disfigurement, or death. Since this definition is quite general, case law has provided certain reference points for what qualifies as a serious injury. For instance, broken bones are usually considered significant enough, as are brain trauma, spinal cord injuries, and severe burns. Serving accident victims in Boca Raton and surrounding cities, car accident lawyer David B. Datny can help you determine which legal options are available to you following an auto accident that resulted in injuries.

Victims injured in a Florida truck accident may not only face more catastrophic injuries than people in crashes involving smaller vehicles, but also may need to deal with large trucking companies. Theories of liability may go beyond the liability of the individual driver and include the vicarious liability of the trucking company for a driver-employee who was on the job when the crash occurred. The trucking company may also be directly liable for negligent hiring, retention, or supervision of the driver. Many truck accidents arise from violations of the federal and state regulations that govern the industry. Retaining an attorney like David B. Datny who can thoroughly investigate the circumstances leading to a crash can make a huge difference to your ability to maximize your financial recovery.

Mr. Datny has represented victims injured in motorcycle accidents throughout Palm Beach County, Broward County, and South Florida. Motorcyclists have the same right to safety on the road that all other motorists have, and when another driver fails to recognize that right, it is a motorcycle rider or passenger who is usually left with the most significant injuries. In Florida, motorcyclists over the age of 21 years old are not required to wear helmets as long as they have proper insurance coverage. Head and neck injuries are especially common in these types of accidents, which often require extensive post-accident medical treatment and are associated with new limitations in work or daily living that victims never had before. That is why it is important that motorcycle crash victims understand their legal options and hire a personal injury attorney in the Boca Raton area who can make sure that the parties responsible for their harm are held liable.

David B. Datny also advocates for the rights of bicyclists and pedestrians who have been struck by careless drivers. Bicyclists and pedestrians are frequent sights in South Florida, since both walking and biking are popular activities and modes of transportation for residents, tourists, and vacationers. Unfortunately, victims of bicycle or pedestrian accidents also may suffer catastrophic injuries because of their lack of protection from vehicles that strike them or drivers’ careless and negligent actions. In addition to the compensatory damages awarded to bicycle or pedestrian accident victims, punitive damages may be available in cases in which a defendant has acted particularly dangerously or engaged in reprehensible behavior, such as driving while intoxicated and hitting a bicyclist or pedestrian. Under Florida statute §768.73, punitive damages are limited to either three times the amount of compensatory damages or $500,000, whichever is greater. Mr. Datny is dedicated to identifying and advocating for all of the forms of compensation that each client may be entitled to receive.

Ride-sharing apps like Uber and Lyft provide a relatively new method of transportation for residents, tourists, and vacationers, increasing the number of passenger accidents throughout South Florida. While Uber and Lyft may not be subject to the same licensing or legal requirements as traditional taxi companies, they can still be held legally accountable and liable for the actions of negligent drivers in certain situations. The driver may also be independently liable for his or her negligent driving of a passenger in an Uber or Lyft vehicle. Uber and Lyft, as well as the driver, are required to maintain insurance. However, the available coverage may not be enough in cases of catastrophic injuries or when more than one passenger is involved in the same accident. In these situations, a passenger-victim may need to seek legal action against Uber, Lyft, or the driver in order to get the financial justice they deserve. Boca Raton Uber and Lyft accident lawyer David B. Datny is ready to assist you in pursuing your legal claim against these ride-sharing companies.

Slip and fall accidents can occur almost anywhere, from a sidewalk to a restaurant or retail store, as well as a hotel, condominium or a theme park An owner that fails to keep a property adequately safe for visitors is generally responsible for the injuries that result. Boca Raton slip and fall accident lawyer, David B. Datny, represents victims throughout Florida who have been injured as a result of careless property owners who did not fulfill their duties in fixing dangerous conditions or warning visitors of their existence. These victims include Florida residents, tourists, vacationers, everyday shoppers, pedestrians, children and elderly people. Slip and fall accidents may be especially perilous for elderly people, who make up a large segment of the population in South Florida. If you have been in a slip and fall accident, do not wait. Contact Boca Raton personal injury lawyer David B. Datny immediately for a free consultation. If you are elderly or disabled and without transportation, Mr. Datny will travel to you.

Large supermarkets like Publix have numerous aisles and back areas accessible to customers, as well as large parking lots that they are responsible for maintaining. When a patron slips or trips and falls, Publix Supermarket can be held liable for maintaining an unsafe store or for not properly addressing a hazardous condition. Publix Supermarket is also responsible for making sure that its employees are properly trained and supervised so that it can identify and resolve safety issues within the store or surrounding areas. Mr. Datny has extensive experience representing victims of Publix Supermarket accidents in Boca Raton, Palm Beach County, Broward County and throughout South Florida. He is ready to help Publix accident victims maneuver through the nuances of these personal injury claims.

Unlike in other states, where a “one bite” rule protecting dog owners from liability exists for when a dog bites a victim for the first time, Florida law imposes liability regardless of an animal’s past behavior. Dog owners are liable for any damages sustained by a victim who is bitten by the dog, if the victim was lawfully on the property when they were bitten. Dog bite injuries are painful and may carry a risk of infections or other long-term complications, depending on the circumstances. Personal injury attorney David B. Datny assists dog bite victims in Boca Raton, Palm Beach County, Broward County and throughout South Florida with legal claims to ensure that they receive the compensation that they need to heal.

Family members who lose a loved one in a fatal motor vehicle collision, slip and fall, or any other accident can take legal action pursuant to Florida’s Wrongful Death Act. Surviving spouses and children can seek damages for medical costs, loss of support, burial and funeral expenses, and other losses if their loved one was killed due to another party’s negligence. Unlike personal injury claims, which have a four-year statute of limitations in Florida, wrongful death claims must be filed within two years from a victim’s death, making prompt action important in ensuring that your legal rights are preserved.

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Meet Attorney David B. Datny, Esq.

David B. Datny is a personal injury attorney in Boca Raton, Florida, and has been practicing law for 10 years. He is the Managing Attorney of The Datny Law Firm, which is a boutique personal injury law firm in Boca Raton that is committed to helping injured clients and accident victims throughout the State of Florida obtain financial justice for their injuries.


What people are saying about Boca Raton Personal Injury Attorney David B. Datny, Esq.

David was great through the entire process of handling my case. A consummate professional and he showed genuine concern for my well being. I have referred friends and family to him for their legal needs.
David is friendly, smart and hardworking. He knows how to explain complex legal issues to his clients so they can feel comfortable and secure in his representation of them during what can be a stressful and complicated time. David knows what it takes to achieve the best results for his clients.
I have known and worked with David for five years. He is an insightful and smart lawyer who cares a great deal about his clients. His creative problem solving and attention to detail allows him to settle cases early and resolve complex legal issues at all stages of litigation. With almost a decade of experience dealing with insurance companies and risk managers, David knows how to approach personal injury cases to get the best results with maximum recovery for his clients.
I have worked with David Datny over the years on a myriad of matters. He is thorough and persistent in getting the best result for his clients. I would not hesitate to refer anyone to him for legal services.
He is always available to answer questions or concerns during the process and is great at communicating with his clients in a thoughtful and clear manner. I highly recommend him as an attorney, specifically in representing plaintiffs in personal injury actions, including trip and fall cases, motor vehicle cases, work-related accidents, construction accidents and more.

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